TrueSource process

We take responsibility of managing selected or all indirect categories on behalf of the customer through a five step Truespend sourcing process called “TrueSource”, including continuous communication towards your organization on different levels and detailed project management to ensure smooth execution.

TrueSource is a guideline process for strategic sourcing projects and category management activities.

The process is divided into five phases and nine stages and each stage is broken down into a number of different steps to ensure all relevant areas are covered to achieve best possible results.

TrueSource process contains use of a variety of procurement tools (including spend analysis and eSourcing with eRFX and eAuctions) to support projects and to document each key stage and step.

Our process covers all relevant key aspects running indirect procurement professionally, per project, category or fully outsourced.

We commit on long term perspective, share the risks and value your internal and external relationships.

Our services start from fully understanding customers requirements, operating environment and expectations before moving to spend & process analysis, detailed sourcing plans and actual sourcing projects.

We believe internal and external communication and professional project management is key for mutual success.

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